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Product Return Policy

Revision Date: September 26, 2017

Southside Western & Outdoor Wear (“Southside”) publishes a current product return policy. This product return policy is subject to modification from time to time. It is incompetent upon you to review this product return policy prior to purchase.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with your product you can return your product to Southside in accordance with product return policy terms described herein:

Product Return Requirements

1. A product return is not a right unless all requirements described herein are met. If you achieve all stated requirements your product return to the extent described herein shall be authorized.

2. A product return must occur within within 60 calendar days of the date of the original delivery date. The original delivery date is not necessarily the date you received a gift or present so act promptly without delay. Southside shall determine original delivery date by review of the official shipping manifest of record. Any delay beyond that original 60 days defeats your product return.

3. A product return must not show any evidence of wear. Moreover, a product return must contain all of its original product tags attached. In the event the product return involves footwear that footwear must not show any signs of wear nor any type of scuff to the bottom soles and heels. This specific “no wear” and “no scuff” requirement means you should walk only on a soft or carpeted area until you are sure the footwear fits you properly. You must avoid any kind of hard walking surfaces, because hard walking surfaces will more than likely cause scuff and wear on the soles and heels of the footwear products.

4. A product return requires you to send back the original product and all original packaging, including the box containing footwear. Never use our product box for return shipping. A product box arriving with tied cord, shipping labels, shipping tape or any other box deterioration shall defeat your product return. An approved shipping box from a Pack & Ship location should be utilized. All return product merchandise, including any box or bag should be placed safely inside an approved shipping box and the merchandise you are attempting to return should be surrounded with protective materials (shipping peanuts or other shipping stuffing) to prevent merchandise damage during shipping. Any damage to the footwear or the original footwear box will result in a restocking fee to be determined upon diminished status.

5. Southside encourages you to purchase shipping insurance to prevent you from suffering a loss of the value of the product returns you undertake due to such things as damaged, lost, or stolen merchandise during shipping.

Product Return Form

6. Any product return you undertake requires you to send us a completed PRODUCT RETURN FORM which must be included inside the shipping box or shipping bag you send us. If you fail or refuse to produce your Product Return Form your product return is defeated and the original product you send will be returned to you.

Product Return Limitations

7. An authorized product return does not equate to a complete refund. Southside does not refund or credit you the original shipping and handling charges paid at point of sale.

8. The shipping carrier you select to return a product is always your choice. Southside recommends you ship using USPS, UPS, or FedEx in order for you to keep track of your product return package.

9. Please allow 3 business days for Southside to complete an intake processing of a return product. This 3 business days begins on the date following receiving your product return in the Southside warehouse. As soon as a product return is processed in our system you will receive an email confirmation for your records.

10. Please be aware that some financial institutions are slow to report refunds on your credit card or debit card. If purchased from a store or from an event we can only refund the original form of payment based upon the information shown on the original sales receipt. In the event your return product is authorized and approved as a cash purchase you will nonetheless be refunded by Southside check. We apologize for any inconvenience. Any return product you send back to us, if received without an actual sales receipt, is not processed and your return product will be returned to you. Make sure to make a legible copy of your original sales receipt for inclusion in the shipping box or shipping bag you send back to Southside for product return.

11. If you purchase a product online and prefer to return that product in our store you may do so. However, you must bring your printed copy of your sales receipt order to the store along with your Product Return Form.

12. Request for product exchanges in-store are accepted immediately in our store.

13. A return product can be refunded directly inside our store, but the product return may take up to 4 weeks to complete depending upon the speed of your bank, your credit card, or your check card provider.

14. All clearance and sale items are final sales and never authorized for return or refund.

15. Your return product should be shipped to or hand-delivered to the address shown below:

Southside Western & Outdoor Wear
Product Return Department
3014 James L Redman Parkway
Plant City, Florida 33566

Note: If you have any questions regarding your product return please promptly email or you may prefer to call (813) 752-2379. Additionally, you can promptly complete and submit a contact form from this website to ask questions while preparing to perform a product return.

Download Return Product Form (PDF)